Learn to Like Fish

My triglycerides are 670 mg/dL. Someone said that is too high.

From this web site … https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-ways-to-lower-triglycerides … there are thirteen things I can do.

  • Lose Some Weight.
  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Follow a low carb diet.
  • Eat more fiber.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid trans fat.
  • Eat fatty fish twice weekly
  • Increase your intake of unsaturated fats
  • Establish a regular meal pattern
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Add soy protein to your diet
  • Eat more tree nuts
  • Try a natural supplement

I am trying to Lose Weight and exercise regularly. I have also limited my alcohol intake to zero. I will try the other suggests as well. 

The “Eat fatty fish twice weekly” and “Try a natural supplement” seem to play in hand with this bottle of Nature’s Bounty Orderless Fish Oil coated soft gels. Pop two soft gels twice a day and my triglycerides worries are over.

Someone said this will help lower my triglycerides? Is that true?

Someone said this will help lower my triglycerides? Is that true?

Although there is a calorie impact from taking these order less fish gels. There are ten calories per gel with one gram of fat and seven and a half milligrams of cholesterol.

But, these fish gels will give six hundred milligrams of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids and a thousand milligrams of fish oil. 


The only kind of fish I like is from Long John Silvers. But, I don’t believe I will not be eating there any longer. Although, I worked at a local Long John Silvers for a few years in the early 1990s.

I will need to learn to like the fatty fish. I have learned from the above web site fatty fish  is salmon, herring, sardines, tuna and mackerel. There could be others but they were not mentioned on the web page. Maybe I can do salmon, but sardines, probably not. Maybe tuna if I can get over the foul smell.

The Fish Oil wiki page has a more in depth narrative of fish oil. As with the benefits of fish oil, there are some dangers, like toxic pollutants. It appears CVS, Nature Made, Rite Aid and GNC sold fish oil with high levels of PCBs. 

At least I bought my Natures Bounty fish oil from Krogers, so I must be safe.

Ah … carry on.

Day 11

Since I’ve been motivated recently, I’ve stopped drinking beer and begun to watch what I eat. Not that I have establish a die cast eating plan but I am becoming aware of what I’ve been blindly eating for so many years.

The Doctor says I need to follow a low carb / low fat / low sodium diet. So when I’ve looked at the nutritional labels on the food stuff that I normal eat I was simply appalled at the amount of sodium. Soups, canned chicken, salad kits all contain sodium.

One of my favorite meals is Mac and Cheese. It is easy to cook for a lonely single middle aged old man. It’s quick, easy.

However, Mac and Cheese is not cool on a low carb / low fat / low sodium diet. The package Mac and Cheese has mega sodium. I discovered that cheese contains sodium. Go figure.

So I looked at a box of raw macaroni. At least this particular Kroger brand has no sodium. Cool. I can eat macaroni with no cheese. Yet, the particular box of macaroni has mega carbs, which I am suppose to avoid.


At least my blood pressure was 137/85. A huge improvement from a few weeks ago.

A simple box of raw macaroni has zero sodium but mega carbs in a single serving. Ugh.

A simple box of raw macaroni has zero sodium but mega carbs in a single serving. Ugh.

Day 10 Update

The headache still persists.


The headache could be from the caffeine withdrawal. I went cold turkey on the caffeine on April 29, 2019. The only caffeinated beverages I’ve had were when I ate out with family. Otherwise, at work and at home, it has been only flavored water.

At least that is what some people tell me … that the headache is from caffeine withdrawal.

Otherwise, my 60 day Beer Moratorium is still in effect. It’s been 10 days since I stopped drinking beer.

Maybe the headache is partially a result of going cold turkey on the beer?

I’ve been trying to ease into the low carb / low fat / low sodium diet the Doctor prescribed. I find it hard to balance the low carb and low sodium. It seems like it is either low sodium and high carbs or low carbs and high sodium.

The only packaged food stuff that I found with 0 sodium is un-popped popcorn.

A bit of depression has crept into my psyche in the last ten days. I used the beer to stay partially ahead of the depression. The meds help too. But alas, the depression is creeping again.

If there is any feeling of success it is that my pants are not as tight as they used to be.

Yay … go me.

At least I still have the Nikon W300. Thankfully, I haven’t given that up.

A photo of the Nikon W300 taken as a reflection in the side mirror of the Honda.

A photo of the Nikon W300 taken as a reflection in the side mirror of the Honda. Photo taken on June 28, 2018.

What amazes me the most is that it has been 10 days since the start. Time certainly moves fast.

My Current Reality

So … I finally went to the doctor after an 18 month absence.

  • Weight … 211 pounds.
  • Blood pressure … 153/92.
  • Total Cholesterol : 237 mg/dl
  • Triglycerides : 670 mg/dl
  • HDL : 33 mg/dl
  • LDL : unable to calculated since triglycerides are above 400 mg/dl.
  • Chol/HDL Ratio : 7.18

The only item that remained stable during those 18 months … the weight.  Go figure.

She also said I’m at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

Ugh. Double Ugh.

Immediate Reaction:

  • Stop drinking beer for 60 days
  • Stop drinking Diet Mountain Dew or any caffeinated beverages while at work and home. Drink flavored water.
  • Get serious about a walking program

Maybe I will do the following :

  • Buy a new bicycle … gave my old bicycle away about twelve years ago.
  • Start the Couch to 5K program again

The Doctor wants me to :

  • Focus on weight loss
  • Exercise for 30 – 40 minutes 4x weekly
  • Follow a low carb / low fat diet
  • Stop eating bread, potatoes, rice and pasta.
  • Keep salt intake to less than 1500 mg.

Ugh … Some minor thoughts …

Velveeta Mac & Cheese has been my staple for a while now. I’ll need to stop eating that.

I’ll need to order a chicken Caesar salad when I go out to dinner with my parents on Thursday nights. Usually, I order the Smothered Chicken with mashed potatoes. Although the chicken would be good on a low carb diet and the cheese and bacon it is smothered in but the mashed potatoes … probably not.

The doctor said to keep my Sodium intake to under 1500 mg. A can of Campbells Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup has 1,720 mg of Sodium. I usually have one can (sometimes two) for lunch on a normal workday. It only has 470 calories, which is ok for a lunch meal if I was calorie counting but not when I’m counting Sodium.

I don’t like cooking meat products in the kitchen as the grease seems to splatter everywhere. Maybe this is an excuse to buy a propane grill.

I love this soup. But, the sodium content excludes my consumption. Bummer

I love this soup. But, the sodium content excludes my consumption. Bummer

Why Can’t I Go?

Go West Young Man. A bill board advertising an Eiteljorg film series. Photo taken by Dave O with the Nikon W300, July 2018.

Go West Young Man. A bill board advertising an Eiteljorg film series. Photo taken by Dave O with the Nikon W300, July 2018. Should I go?

Maybe one could explain this complexity for me?

In my youth I had a driving wonder lust. I couldn’t wait to get out and explore. It started by exploring creeks and cemeteries and the local neighborhoods I could walk or bike to. When I could drive places were no longer far away. Indiana State Parks became a favorite destination. Sometimes those trips became overnighters but they were usually long day trips.

When I first married and the kids started appearing, the wonder lust didn’t fade. Family camping, “auto hiking” (a self coined term to describe ‘driving’ to strange and new places as my wife at that point in my life didn’t care to ‘hike’ in the traditional way) and backpacking were activities I faithfully and consistently engaged in.

As the first wife left and the second wife came home with two more kids, family camping took a prominent place in our family travels. Colorado, South Dakota, Kentucky, Florida were some of the states we went to. Pricey beach vacation were also thrown into the travel itinerary.

But, as the kids grew up and left to live their own lives and as the second wife left to live her own I find myself alone and unrestricted.

Yet, I can’t seem excite the wonder lust I had in my youth.

It’s become a topic of discussion (or maybe concern) with friends and family. They don’t understand why I talk about flying or driving to far away destinations for a long weekend or a week long vacation, see  my excitement at the thought of wondering about  and listen to my ideas and list of things-to-do and then witness the scheduled dates come and go and my lack of follow through.

They say “you have nothing holding you back.”

And I don’t.

Yet I don’t go.

My scheduled work vacation this year is July 30 – August 3. It’s a typical five day work week vacation but if you add the weekends before and aft then the vacation expands into nine days.

That is enough time to drive to Colorado and take a few photos, is it not? Enough time to do almost everything I planned to do, that I listed on my detailed itinerary I created months ago where I listed mileage and routes and campgrounds and National Parks and towns and mountains I wanted to visit and climb.

Yet, I’m on the verge of pulling the plug and canceling those vacation days and continue life by working through that week as normal.


I hope I still go.

As a post script, in June 2015, I did take a week’s vacation to Colorado. It was a great time of hiking and sight seeing and driving to strange and new places.

If you look close you can my little red 2000 Honda Civic EX. And next to the Civic is the 3 Corners at Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Photo taken by Dave O, June 2015.

If you look close you can my little red 2000 Honda Civic EX. And next to the Civic is the 3 Corners at Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Photo taken by Dave O, June 2015.




Two Observations About My 2018 July Fourth

Two observed elements of 2018’s Fourth of July.

First, it was probably the most productive Fourth of July in recent memory. After an impromptu breakfast of donuts with Nikki and Joi, I was able to :

Install a new light switch to the new halogen lights in the basement. I cut the original circuit I wired in a few months ago. I didn’t like the way that project turned out and so decided to wire a dedicated switch to those lights instead of piggy backing on the primary basement light. I was able to cut holes in the ceiling to fish the new wire, connected the switch and then cover up the holes and apply the first (of many) layers of drywall mud. Usually, a task as such would take days but I was able to cut it done in a couple of hours.

Build four painting frames. I bought the 1×2 furring strips the days leading up to the Fourth in anticipation of actually cutting, glueing and screwing the frames. I worked in the super heated porch (ambient air of 88°F). I listened to a few sermons and worked until I built the four frames, three 48″ x 36″ frames and one 32″ x 30″ frame. Now, I have six frames ready to stretch canvas over and prime for my next painting project. I calculated the cost of these frames at approximately $8 each.

Painted. I bought fresh paint in the days prior to the Fourth. One gallon was a custom color from Lowes and the other gallons and quarts were from the Island of Mis Tints. I painted on the current project for about an hours, listening to sermons.

Walked to Walmart. Not actually the most exciting thing to do but I wanted to buy a new tripod for the Nikon W300. It is a twelve minute walk to the Walmart from the house. I bought a cheap ($13) tripod and two dvd’s to add to the collection, some cheese and sausage for a low carb dinner. Back at home, I made the dinner and watched a movie. Later, there was a major intestinal episode that I reasoned was from the breakfast donuts and not the dinner of sausage and cheese. Chapped my ass, in case you wanted to know.

The second observation is that I now hate neighborhood fireworks. I don’t understand why neighbors believe it is within their ‘right’ to light off fireworks which sound like a war is starting. Especially near midnight and after. It is so annoying and keeps one up when sleep is necessary due to a scheduled work shift in the morning.

On a side note, since the conversation is about fireworks, I have noticed that one person in particular always has a long, detailed, drawn out story to tell.  In this example a statement regarding fireworks is spoken prompting this person to tell an extruded and elongated story (probably highly exaggerated) starting the moment, sometimes even before the originating statement is even finished. This person most likely doesn’t even listen to what was said but hears a keyword and his own memory wheels spring into action and out comes an expanding story that can take many sub arcs. Really annoying.

I would like finish this post with a time lapse movie taken with the Nikon W300 on the Fourth. However, since the free WordPress plan doesn’t allow for embedded videos, I concluded with a simple W300 photo.

Nikon W300 photo of leaves. Taken in Portrait mode to blur the foreground.

Nikon W300 photo of leaves. Taken in Portrait mode to blur the foreground. Taken on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at South East Way park in Indianapolis.I pro

I probably should upgrade?

The Wrong Wall Has No Purpose

In my youth … meaning the early days of my first marriage and the entirety of my second marriage … I had purpose.

That purpose was to provide shelter, food, disposable spending money, education, vehicles, life and medical insurance, recreation, vacations, entertainment and a host of other needs, necessities and wants and desires for my wives and kids.

I worked hard. I worked hard when employed by others and when I tried to start my own business. I worked hard around the house to keep it well maintained and functional. I learned new skills so I could avoid paying contractors.

I also worked hard to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Although it is debatable if I succeeded.

I worked hard during those stretches of my life because there was purpose … to keep the family healthy, happy and provided for.

Thankfully, I was born into a family that had the same mind set and so I worked in the ‘family’ business for most of my career. It was great work and paid well. I believe I paid my dues and made a living to provide for my family.

Now that the family has grown and left, including the wives, the ‘family’ business sold to my younger brother and others (I was not part of the selected few) I find the nest empty and the career tainted and wonder what purpose there is now.

Other than paying student loans and marital debt there could be no purpose.

I enjoy the job I have now, even though it is with the ‘family business’ that others (including my younger brother) own. The actual work, the actual coding of web sites and development of web applications and collateral material to help the company create revenue is what I enjoy although I don’t necessarily enjoy some of the culture and few of the people.

Yesterday I started a short story about an older man who finds his ladder is against the wrong wall, a wall that he already painted. With his wife and her (maybe) lover cat calling him about the fact he already painted that wall, he day dreams about a life he didn’t pursue due to societal norms and parental expectations, he falls. During his recovery, he elects to stop working at his job (which had become torturous) and pursues the dream he had left on the shelf to conform to other’s expectations.

It could be an interesting story if I develop it and if I work at it.

But most likely I won’t. Or I will let it die a quick slow death.

Ah … such is a man without purpose.

A contrast in life and death. Photo taken by Dave O on June 29, 2018 about 7:05 am from Indianapolis Indiana.

A contrast in life and death. Photo taken by Dave O with the Nikon W300 on June 29, 2018 about 7:05 am from Indianapolis Indiana.

Continuing the Saga of the W300

I continue the exploration of the Nikon W300 by downloading the firmware update, experimenting with some of the ‘after-the-photo-is-taken’ effect the little camera offers and the remote photography feature.

I have never updated a camera firmware. After registering the W300 with Nikon I was sent an email saying the new W300 had a firmware update. I downloaded the file from the Nikon site, saved it to the memory card and scrolled to the firmware selection in the setting menu.

The camera promptly displayed a “battery exhausted” message. The firmware was not updated.

The “battery exhausted” message encouraged me to buy two spare batteries and a spare battery charger for $90 from www.adorama.com.

Before I dropped the spare batteries and charger into my Adorama shopping cart, I researched the pros and cons of batteries offered by other vendors such as Anton Bauer which I remember from my worthless days as a corporate video producer and Green Extreme of which I have no familiarity with.

Of course, third-party battery vendors offer their wares at prices lower than genuine Nikon batteries. However, after reading this declaration by Nikon I spent the extra dollars on honest Nikon batteries.

I shared my Nikon W300 buying experience with a photographer friend, who also is a Nikon enthusiast, over a dinner of sirloin, rice and potatoes with Mashcraft IPA of which I did not count the calories.

He was impressed with the compact little orange Nikon. He asked why I bought it when the D600 was within reach for any photo opportunity.

I answered with the usual defense of technical specifications, relating the sixteen megapixel, 5x zoom, waterproof casing and SnapBridge app that wowed me into the purchase.

However, my honest answer was that I wanted a compact point and shoot camera, in addition to the D600, for when (if) I take my 2018 Epic Colorado road trip.

We spent the remaining dinner time talking about Colorado and photography in Colorado.

Sky Photo taken about 7:15 pm on June 26 from Greenwood Indiana.

Sky photo taken with the Nikon W300 about 7:15 pm on June 26 from Greenwood Indiana.

Later, at home, I plugged the camera into the wall via the supplied Nikon charger. Once the battery was fully charged the firmware was updated.

The Second Day of W300

I kept my calories in check with a Slimfast breakfast and lunch and a barbecue and mac cheese dinner. I didn’t count calories but kept my intake in check.

That is good.

Nikon W300

It fun to have a new creative toy. Especially a camera.

Alas, there are different degrees of happy. And that is no different with the Nikon W300. At the moment, my W300 happy isn’t too overwhelmingly happy. I thought I would over flow with W300 happy but that hasn’t happen.

I’m not disappointed in the camera as it is doing every thing Nikon says it can do. But my expectations were somewhat elevated due to the retail price and my experience with Nikon.

I confess that I expected a D600 compacted into the W300 with the extra water proof and shockproof shroud. Add into the expectation the SnapBridge app and my elation was complete.

Yet, the initial letdown and slight disappointment is simmering.

  • SnapBridge automatically ports a low resolution copy to the iPhone. I suppose this is ok as the low resolution photo is good for texting, email, and social media. Yet, I expected the full resolution. So, it appears, when viewing on the iPhone, that iPhone photos are superior to the Nikon photos.
  • There is a method to port the full resolution photos to the iPhone but that process is not automatic and it involves Wi-Fi. Seems complicated.
  • I have not found a method to import full resolution 4K video from the W300 to the iPhone then to the Mac desktop. I can import from the W300 to the iPhone but not to the desktop. Very strange.
  • The Time Lapse movie is limited to ten seconds. That seems too short. The D600 can time lapse for hours. The W300 time lapse captures a series of frames for a specific time frame depending on the setting, from Cityscape (10 minutes) to Star Trails (150 minutes). Regardless, the result is a ten second time lapse movie.

Of course, as with any new and expensive electronic toy, it takes a while to fully discover the depth of complexity and I’ve only had the W300 for 48 hours so I still have much to explore.

Max, the neighbor's puppy.

Max, the neighbor’s puppy. Photo taken by Dave O with the new Nikon W300. Exposure compensation set to +1 for this photo.