Wordless Wednesday

Interesting cloud formation. Photo taken 9/12/2013 in Indianapolis, In.

Interesting cloud formation from Indianapolis, In.


C25k … Week 2, Day 1

Last night I was able to exercise before the rain started again. I rushed home after work and got ready while listening to the weather man say that the rain will start again in about one hour. That was plenty of time to get in a workout.

I was able to do Week 2, Day 1 of the C25K program. The agenda called for 3 sets of running for 90 seconds and then walking for 90 seconds and then running again for 90 seconds and then walking for 2 minutes. Of course, there is a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down before and after.

Believe it or not, just as I finished the workout, the rain started.

The C25K app that I downloaded to the iPhone tracks the mileage and pace for the workout. It’s pretty cool how this technology can do that. So, for this workout, my total mileage was 1.96 and my pace was 14:02. Which, I guess is ok since this is only the fourth workout in the program. But, however, it’s really dismal considering that four months ago I was running at a ten minute per mile pace, even in those awful shoes. But, at least I’m able to do something and at least I have restarted (again).

There was some minor pain in my left shin so I guess that stress fracture isn’t completely healed. I was still able to run and just ignored the pain. There was hardly any residual pain after the workout.

I hope the best for everyone today … onward !!

Am I Lost?

wonderNotLostPhotoIt was a different world for me in the late ’60s and 70’s when I was growing up. Black and white TV was still the norm and summer vacations were longer. Today, video games and the internet seem to keep so many indoors. Unlike in my youthful world, staying indoors on bright and sunny summer days was unthinkable. There was nothing to do inside a hot and stuffy house. There was a world outside the house to explore.

On my youthful summer days, it was not uncommon for me to walk along the creek and kick and throw rocks, explore the wooded areas, listen to the trees and the wind. Although I spent much of my summer days wandering around the country side and my feet and on my bike, I was never lost. I always knew where home was.

I miss those days of youthful bliss and unknown ignorance. Today I worry about stress fractures and broken bones and insurance premiums to pay for the stress fractures and broken bones. I should and need to worry about that since I’m an adult and have to provide for myself and the people dependent on me. Yet, I miss so much the time I spent roaming and exploring, carefree and happy and so very blessed.

Onward now …



Couch 2 5K … Day 2

Yay … I got out of bed this morning and completed the Day 2 Week 1 of the Couch to 5K program.

The air temperature this morning was over 70°F … wow … and it is early May … but it felt like mid summer already.

The only issue I had this morning is the stress fracture doesn’t seem to want to fade totally away. It was giving me some pain. But, I ran through it. Not that it was a great challenge as I was only running for about 30 – 45 seconds at a time and only covered less than two miles. Hopefully, that stress fracture will fade totally away soon.

I hope that everyone has a great day and a great run. Onwards.

Starting The Couch to 5K Program (Again)

Believe it or not …. I dragged myself out of bed at 4:30 am this morning and rummaged around for my running shoes, checked the weather, found the C25K app on the iPhone and … and … and actually went outside for a run.

It has been over seven weeks since the last time I ran.

I believe the stress fracture has finally healed. At least there is no pain in my left shin any more. So, I believe it is safe to risk going out for a run.

I decided to start the C25k (Couch to 5K) program again. The 8 week program starts with a little running and a lot of walking in the first few weeks to build stamina and in the later weeks you find yourself running for almost 30 minutes. In my youth I would have just ran a 5K to impress my ego and prove I still had fitness after a 7 week layoff. In my old age, I am no longer in a hurry and don’t mind taking two months to rebuild my fitness. Ego, or no ego, I would rather run a little instead of being sidelined for another 7 weeks with another stress fracture.

Today, I ran 5 sets of running for 45 seconds, walking for 90 seconds, running for another 45 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds. I covered less than 2 miles in the 29 minutes it took to complete Week 1 Day 1 of the program.

There was a little pain in my left shin after I walked home. Hopefully I’m not re-stressing the stress fracture. I can’t tell if it is just discomfort from moving my body or real pain.

Anyways … hope everyone has a great day and a great run. Onwards.