My Art Museum Bucket List

Wouldn’t be great to live close enough to world class art museums that a simple bus or subway ride would drop me off at the doorstep? But, alas, I don’t live that way. The following is a list of art museums that I would like to visit.

Art Museums … The Bucket List

Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City, New York. I suppose this would be the mecca for any serious or casual art aficionado, at least here in America. Here is the Metropolitan Museum of Art wiki page. Here’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art web site. It will take some time and planning and expense to get to New York City and visit this museum. Do I have a tentative plan. I would hop on a Greyhound bus to New York City and walk from Union Station to a hotel on Times Square. I would spend at least five days in the City before taking the bus back home. I figure I spend a day or two at the Met and in the time remaining maybe I would see other Museums, like the Whitney Museum and MOMO (which is on the list anyways). Some people have suggested that I fly in and out of NYC instead of taking the bus to give myself more time in the City. That is a valid option.

Museum of Modern Art. New York City, New York. Of course, if I travel to New York City to visit the Met, I will need to visit the MOMO. Here’s the Museum of Modern Art Wikipedia page. Here’s the Museum of Modern Art web page. I want to see the Van Gogh painting ‘A Starry Night’. I’ve read the Starry Night painting is on loan at times, so I will need to schedule travel when the painting is hanging there. I also want to view Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. 

Whitney Museum of American Art. This museum has an extensive collection of American art. I find it interesting that it specializes in American art.  The Whitney Museum web site. I should schedule my visit to the Whitney to coincide with the Biennial exhibit which is (as the web site says) “the longest-running survey of American art”.

Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois. I was at the Art Institute of Chicago in the summer of 2006. So, I need to go again and since it’s been over ten years since I’ve been there. This should be an easy museum to get to since it’s only a three hour drive from Indianapolis. Although, I’ve thought about taking the Mega Bus from Indy to Chicago, visit the Museum, stay the night in Chicago and return home the next day. There might be time to visit another museum or maybe the Alder planetarium or the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Here’s the Art Institute of Chicago web page.

Clifford Still Museum. Denver, Colorado. I would like to still see the work of a painter that created his own museum after his death. Also, he was an abstract expressionist, of which I align to. Here is the Clifford Still Museum web page.

Denver Art Museum. Denver Colorado. Denver is one of my favorite cities. I’ve flown into Denver and driven through on I-70 on my way to the mountains to hike and ski. But, I’ve never stopped and explored the city itself. Hopefully one day I will do that and when I do I want to visit the city’s art museum. Here is the Denver Art Museum web page.

The Louvre. Paris, France. Who doesn’t want to go to the Louvre? For this trip, I would (obviously) need to fly to Paris. For any trip but especially a trip like this I have extreme PA (pedantic anxiety). Where do I stay, how long do I stay, it is safe, Here’s The Louvre web site.

The Van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Again, I ask, who doesn’t want to do to the Van Gogh Museum? Van Gogh is one of my all time favorites painter. I’ve read about his life and paintings. Poor guy. Misunderstood. Hard to get along with. Somewhat of a loner. Somewhat like me? Of course, I would need to fly to Amsterdam (duh). And of course, the same PA (pedantic anxiety) overcomes me. Questions like where will I stay, how long do I need to allow for a trip like this. As I read on the internet, the Van Gogh is part of a large complex of museums in Amsterdam so it would be a great trip for a museum hound like me. Also, I would like to see the Ann Frank House and Museum if I ever get to Amsterdam. Here’s the Van Gogh Museum web site.

The National Gallery Of Art. Washington DC, United States of America. I visited the National Gallery in 2004 while on a trip to visit Nikki’s brother, who worked at the Pentagon. It was a very quick visit. There wasn’t time to explore. Would like to go back again. Here is the web site.

Saint Louis Art Museum. After checking their web site, it sort of looks similar to the Indianapolis Art Museum in terms of collections and exhibits. Since it is closed to the hometown, it certainly is worth a drive, either overnight or a long day trip. Here is a link to the SLAM web site.

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. From their web site, this would be a great museum to visit. There is no permanent collection, just rotating exhibitions. The CAM web site.

Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia PA. I had to put this museum on the list once I learned that the Nude Descending a Staircase #2 painting is hanging there. Of course, after browsing through the museum’s web site ( They hold the Jackson Pollock #22, but it’s not on display. His Male and Female painting is on display. Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers is on display as well. Of course, driving to downtown Philadelphia loads me with anxiety. So, maybe a bus trip (about $150 round trip on 16 hours each way) or a direct flight will get me there. Maybe I could stay at the Hampton Inn near the convention center as it is close the museum.

Dallas Museum of Art … Dallas, Texas. My only desire to travel to and visit this museum is they have on display Jackson Pollock’s Cathedral painting, created in 1947 during his ‘drip period’. They also have Lee Krasner’s Pollination but it’s not on view.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art …  Kansas City, Missouri. From July 8 to October 28, 2017, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will exhibit Jackson Pollock’s Mural along side Robert Motherwell’s Elegy to the Spanish Republic, No. 126, 1965-75. I would only want see this exhibit but, after looking through the museum’s web site, I could spend the day at this museum. Of course, I would drive from Indianapolis to Kansas City, instead of flying. My current thought is to take the week of forth week of August to drive though Hopkinsville, Kentucky for the total Solar Eclipse of August 21 and then make my way through the back roads of western Kentucky, southern Illinois and central Missouri to Kansas City. I should be at the Museum on Thursday, August 24, and then drive home over the next few days. The website:

Art Museums … Visited

Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Visited this museum on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Drove up specifically to view the Juxtapozed exhibit as I learned of the exhibit when I read my first issue of Juxtapos magazine. However, I wasn’t expecting the overwhelming impact the Robert Williams: SLANG Aesthetics! exhibit would have. Wow. Double Wow. The Sharon exhibit, photography by Leon Borensztein was almost tearful as I learned about his severely disabled daughter. Fort Wayne Museum of Art Web Site. While I was in Fort Wayne, I chased down Farnsworth home (my paternal grandfather worked for Philo Farnsworth) and the Johnny Appleseed grave. This museum was on my bucket list.

Krannert Museum of Art. Champaign, Illinois. Visited this museum on Saturday, May 27, 2017. I wanted to see the exhibit of the New York School, a small collection of abstract paintings that pre date Jackson Pollock’s famous drip paintings. It was here that I was introduced to Judith Rothschild, an amazing artist.

Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati, Ohio. I drove to this museum on Friday, November 25, 2016 to take in the Van Gogh ‘Underbrush’ exhibit. This was a spectacular exhibit of Van Gogh paintings with the theme of ‘underbrush’. There were dozens of paintings by contemporaries of Van Gogh with the same theme. Here is the Cincinnati Art Museum web page. Here is the web page for the Van Gogh ‘Into the Undergrowth’ exhibit. Also of note was the ‘The Book of Only Enoch and The Jackleg Testament, Part I: Jack & Eve’ exhibit. I can visit this museum often since it is so close to home.

Indianapolis Museum of Art. This is the closest major art museum to home. I have a membership and I visit frequently. The Van Gogh painting ‘Landscape at Saint-Remy (Enclosed Field with Peasant) is awesome. Here is the Indianapolis Museum of Art web page. My last visit to the IMA was on May 21, 2017. On July 8 , 2017 I made a quick visit to see the Audubon exhibit.

Swope Art Museum. Terre Haute, Indiana. Drove to this museum on Saturday, December 31, 2016. I was down with the flu on that day but had to do something so I decided to drive to the museum. I should go back. It’s an older museum in an older art deco kind of building. The John Rodgers Cox painting White Cloud is something to look at. Here is the Swope Art Museum Wikipedia page and the Swope Art Museum web page.

Mississippi Museum of Art. I traveled to Jackson Mississippi to this art museum in August 2016 to view the When Modern was Contemporary – Selected Works from the Roy R. Neuberger Collection. A Jackson Pollock original was included in the exhibit and I had to see it. Here is the Mississippi Museum of Art web page. Here is the When Modern was Contemporary web page. The exhibit was almost half of the museum floor space. The cafe was excellent.

David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University. Muncie, Indiana. This museum existed when I went to college at Ball State but I didn’t have an appreciation for art at that time. The museum is one of the top university museums with world class art and sculptures. I try to visit at least once a year. There is the Lee Krasner’s ‘Right Bird Left’ in the permanent collection, one of my favorite paintings of all time. Here is the David Owsley Museum of Art wikipedia page.

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. Lafayette Indiana. This is a small museum that holds temporary exhibits that are worth a visit. There is no admission charge. I saw the Charles A. Gick exhibit “Language of the Road : Meditations on Nature, Repair and Reverie” in September 2015. My last visit was in December 2016. Their “Art of the Endowment” exhibit is beyond cool. Here is the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette web page. Here is the Charles A Gick web site. Update … I visited the museum on April 1, 2017 for the Tri Kappa New Artist show. Excellent survey of high school student work. I bought the drawing “Loss Of Innocence” by Nicole Huff, a student at McCutcheon High School. Also, I walked through the “Adirondack Allure: Plein Air Paintings by Ron Burgess and Rick Wilson”. The paintings in that exhibit were oil and detailed. Most prices of these paintings were about $800.