Recent Reads

The Lonely City by Olivia Laing.

I picked up this book from the local public library. It caught my attention because

  • I feel lonely most of the time
  • I want to travel to New York City to visit art museums

I expected a memoir/travel guide of Olivia’s time spent in New York City en solo as she wondered around known art museums and galleries. Not so. Olivia writes about loneness and artist expression. She profiles Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Henry Darger, Klaus Nomi, David Wojnarowicz and others and how isolation and loneliness from the environment, politics, family, people, disease influenced their art.

Olivia’s vocabulary encouraged a download of the Merriam Webster dictionary app. Had I bought my own copy of her book I would have highlighted words and phrases that prompted a look up in the download.

The book is not necessarily a traditional art book with photos (although I wished there were photos of the art works she writes about). She writes that the art from these artist is born of tortured soul, layered in isolation and glazed in loneliness.

Finished this book in March 2017.